Company Registration and Management Specialist

At Dida Investments and Management we prioritise your business interests and assist clients with a wide range of administrative duties. 

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Company Registrations

A comprehensive solution for new business owners with access to our team of professionals to assist every step of the way. 

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Buy a Dormant Company

Kick-start your business journey by purchasing a dormant company. This quick solution will get you off the ground in no time. 

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Buy/Sell an Operating Company

Understanding the "ins and outs" of buying and selling your next business interest is an important part of your success. 

Our Services

Starting a business on your own can be rather challenging when considering all the administrative and legal requirements that one needs to fulfil. 


The Dida team has a presence in the DRC and can assist with specialist management functions. A knowledgeable and reliable team can really lighten your workload so that you can focus on your business.

About Your Trusted Business Partner
Your Trusted Business Partner Dida Investements and management

About us

Dida Investments and Management specialises in providing sound advice and expert industry knowledge to a wide range of clients. As a young and growing business in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) we are passionate about assisting our clients in registering a new business, buying a dormant company or buying/selling an existing entity. 

As your partner of choice, we are available to advise, facilitate or consult the next step on your business path.  

"Working with the right people means your business can go so much further."

Speak to the Dida Investments and Management team today to start your new business journey.